Funtime Feeders ™ - That's Why!!!


These new and exciting Patent-Pending pet feeding stations for your canine
and feline companion are designed to be as much for your pleasure
as they are for your pet's health.

With a plethora of original graphic designs, furnishing your pet's space is now a
decorating event for every holiday, season, and occasion.

It folds-for-use in less than 25 seconds - no tools, no hardware, no muss, no fuss, the
flip-flap assembly allows you to unfold it and store for next time even faster.
Enjoy your new-found freedom to change with the seasons.

Available in three perfect sizes; from cats or small dogs to one-hundred-pound canine
species, the Funtime Feeders™ raised pet feeding diners accommodate them all.

These delightful raised pet feeders are made from high quality durable materials.
With the water-resistant wipe-clean finish, water does not even leave spots!

The graphically enhanced "Marquee Panel" not only displays enchanting artwork from
local and renowned artists, it doubles as a splash guard.

No more hiding drab feeding bowls when guests arrive, instead enhance your pet's space
with a unique conversation piece exclusively illustrated for your enjoyment.

Funtime Feeders™ copyright protected raised pet diners are hand drawn or
illustrated works-of-art by local and international artist.

The way to a person's heart is through their kitty or canine companion. Making
Funtime Feeders™ the perfect gift for any pet lover's household.
You'll be the "life of the party" with this perfect hostess gift!

*Make every day a special day - Give the Greeting Card for pet lovers!*